Monday, December 12, 2011

Chapter 36: Finer Things in Life

This post is really just going to be me babbling along as I have time to post on my blog right now. Later to day, I have to teach my Korean students and I really should be studying for my Geology final, but I'd rather write. The other day I opened my book one file to my Legends Trilogy (which my be renamed) and read several pages. My writing was actually decent a couple years ago. One thing I edited while reading the first eight or so pages was adding in artistic finery. I told a good story, my characters are cute and likable, the opening was strong...everything was okay, except there was no art to it! No fancy words, no dark meanings, no poetic etiquette in the descriptions at all. C'mon, Abigail, it's a vampire fairy tale! I'm not saying I want to break my One and Only Rule of Writing, but it did need some pzazz.
I know I never look it, but I've always wanted to be more elegant and fabulously adorned. I probably mentioned something about this while I was reading through Mrs. Venture's book (which is amazing and if you know a goth or are one you NEED to read it!) and now I am saying it again. I want to be a lady for crying out loud! I love my rocker look but I can hardly rock that on a time crunch. So I need to save up and buy only rocker and elegant clothes. How shallow do I sound right now? Hahah, I'm just tiered of everything I am and doing being so intermediate and base level. These feelings have to do with me being the muse. Something I know I've ranted about before. Nothing is for me. I inspire others and get left behind. But that's what I want to change.
Another finer thing in life is how I need some spiritual growth. I am so stunted but still growing older. I sent in an application my new churches "Home Team" organizer and they are supposed to help me find a social group suited for me in the church that meets in my area. I decided to be sneaky and enroll in a "singles" team. Maybe God will get a nudge.
That's another finer thing. I have been more sappy and romantic recently than I have been in quite some time. I won't elaborate on these gushy, heart-filled, pink day dreams, but here they are. I have been burning with a desire recently. It gets very distracting sometimes. But at least it has me coming back to where I need to be. Whenever these romantic thoughts and passions erupt in me, I turn back to my spirituality. Which is a good things. I need to grow in that department. But here I am, longing for a man. A very specific kind too. Aww, how I wish....ANY WAY.
School is almost over for this semester and the next draws so close too fast. I get a month off and I hope in that time to save money, dance, get good tips and write. I cannot wait for this next semester as half my classes will be literature and creative writing. I am so excited! Writing stories and poems for school again! I'm not going to recycle any of my old work from my first Creative Writing class for this one. I want all new stuff to show. I am new and I will show it! I hope. I just hope I can save up. Speaking of which..I have some online scholarships I need to apply for...deadlines are soon and I would really like that money. Just a couple hundred dollars would really help. I'll do my best.
Alright, that's enough for now. I will probably write more useless and boring blog entries as I will (hopefully) have more time now that school is out. I will also be working more. Ugh....
Fair well and don't forget to focus on the fineries and elegance of life!

I applied for 3 scholarships! One of those being the L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future scholarship. I hope I win. One was a random drawing of $2000, another was a 250 word essay competition and the last was the WOTF competition. I submitted my story "Snow Angels" for it. I hope I win. I could really use that money.

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