Friday, December 14, 2012

Chapter 53: I Don't Like Your Tea

Let's start with a hypothetical totally fake conversation to make the main point of this (hopefully not anger filled) blog post. For the sake of the argument, I am going to be using two TV shows that I am familiar with (because they are few and far between).

Scenario start:
X: Oh wow, the last episode of "Suites" the other day was incredible! Did you see it?
Y: No, sorry. I don't watch that show.
X: Why not? Not like it's bad or anything. And it's so amazing! You should watch it.
Y: I just don't like lawyer-drama shows. I think they're over-dramatized and I don't really like the main characters on that show. I have no feelings for them or drive to hope they win.
X: That's stupid. You should watch it. So last night...*goes on to summarize the episode in the bad story-telling of an avid fan who still can't seem to remember what exactly happened first.*
10 minutes later...
X: So yeah, totally awesome. You should watch it.
Y: *Eye roll* Cool. I watched the newest episode of "Fact or Faked" on line the other day.
X: That show's so stupid. I can't believe you watch it.
Y: I like how they show you all kinds of stunts and stuff and I'm into the paranormal a little, so it's interesting to me.
X: But it's so lame!
Y: Why?
X: That kind of stuff just is.
Y: Well, on the episode I saw--
X: Ugh, so my boyfriend the other day said I eat too many chips and I need to cut it out.
End scenario

How many times has something similar happened to you? What you like to watch is "stupid" or "lame" and the other person won't tell you why, just that it is. Or they go nuts when you say you don't something they do and you should because if you don't you're stupid. This is something that has happened to me more times here in Texas than I can even count. No one wants to hear what you like if they think it's stupid. No one likes a conversation they don't want to participate in. Know what? ME NEITHER! If I say I don't like a show, musician, band, or movie, I mean it. No one likes the jerks who say, "Well, you should watch it" or "it's amazing" after I have said that I'm no interested. Now for me, unlike other people, I WILL try something before I say no. Unless it's just utter crap from the start like the movie "Ted" (I have a million reasons, not just saying). On that note, if you want to tell me that what I like is crap, give me a reason. I give you tons of reasons why I don't like the show you do. "American Horror Story" for example. Badly written, unbelievable characters (people walk in and out of their house and they don't give a crap??), no story, and no likable characters. I have examples for all of those. You may notice I have mentioned likable characters twice now. Yes. You have to have likable characters. They can be ones we like to hate though. No one is perfect and they more imperfect they are the better, right? Not my point. So, give me a reason. It's like having a source. You need one to back up anything you claim unless it's just your opinion. Even then, telling me something is "awesome in my opinion" is not enough to get me to watch something. Tell me why it's awesome.
Next point, don't talk to someone who is not interested in "Suits" for 20 minutes about it after they tell you they are not interested. I don't want to be a part of a conversation that is about something I don't care about that is not vital to my life. Or be part of one that puts you into a preaching chair where you know the episode story and I don't just so you can have 20 minutes to be my lord and master and look down on me to feel better about your self. I won't do it to you unless you say something I like is crap and I want to defend my likes. But if you tell me "I don't care, shut up" then expect the same thing from me when you prattle on so. Maybe the fact that you use it to annoy me makes me never want to watch it!
Not that I won't watch something, just that I probably won't until I have time to spare for something I don't really want to do. It's great that you want to share something though. Sharing things is great. It's how friends are made and all that. But when I give my reasons for not liking it, don't push it. Makes you look like an idiot. This has been a problem I've encountered the more I'm around people. You are stupid if you don't like what they do. Or if you like something they think is stupid. I know that what I like shows people something about me. For example, if someone likes harlequin romance novels, I know they are lonely, horny, and very open with their sex lives (most likely). And sad. And kinky if they like "50 Shades of Gray". I'm going to stay away from that person. I like fantasy; therefore people think I'm a nerd and socially awkward. But when people like badly written, typo-ridden, incorrect basic grammar, shallow plots, cliche stories, and large print to make the book look thicker, I raise an eyebrow. Yes, I get signals (ok, ok I judge) from that. But so do you about me.
Point: Don't push your likes on people. Don't tell them they "should" watch/listen/read what you do. Don't say they are stupid because they watch stupid shows. But do find out WHY they like what they do--if you HONESTLY want to know why. When my sister swore up and down by "American Horror Story" I tried it out and hated it. I asked her why she liked it, she said because it was creepy. I explained why I didn't find it creepy and got told I was wrong and too critical. My other sister told me I was so critical and negative and looked for too much in things that it was no wonder I don't have many friends. *Sigh* I guess my expectations are just above everyone else's. (Please, please, note the sarcasm, you easily offended. This blog is stuffed full with it). But they really are. I plan to write a book my stay in Texas some day. It will be very grumpy.
So that's the blog and that's my poorly constructed argument for now. I hate it when people tell me I'm stupid for not liking their band/book/movie/show and cannot back up their claims or opinions.

PS. I love "Suits" and "Fact or Faked". :)