Friday, July 20, 2012

Chapter 47: Sick of Gotham

I only got into the Batman craze in 2005 because I loved the ones Tim Burton was involved with back when I was a kid and I loved the 1960s version with Adam West. And my friends were into it. I was never a follower, but I could engage in the conversations they had about it. I only saw the second one of 2008 because of the tragedy of Heath Ledger and he was an actor I admired. This third movie I was going to ignore because I was sick of Hollywood ruining the hero for me and of Christian Bale and his psychoticness. Those movies were not made to be inspiring, thought provoking, or anything else that art and movies should be. They were for, as my parents would say, pure shock value. I like shock value for some things, but a trilogy of 3 hour movies? I know there is darkness in this world. I like studying psychology and sociopaths too. I've done it for years. I'm not opposed to movies "showing the dark side" or "how it is". Hell, I like the Hannibal movies and even have seen the first three Saw movies (then they got annoying...). I mean, I'm goth, I like dark and creepy things. But there is nothing redemptive about those movies. It doesn't show us anything to think about. They don't give us inspiration. I'm not talking about hearts and flowers kind of inspiration, I mean any kind. I don't watch them and say, "Wow, there are crazy people in the world. I think I'll go learn martial arts and become a vigilante." Yeah, and get my butt kicked. That's why I support the law enforcement and out troops like my brother. I'm all for vigilantes, but not like the new Batman. He's crazy. As is the actor who plays him.
There are no redeeming qualities in the whole trilogy. I'm not one of those "violence is caused by movies and video games" types, but the fact that this guy in Colorado did something so Batman-villain-like makes me stop to wounder. Like really. And that's a big thing since I'm a gamer/nerd-type/comic reader. I love my violent movies and creepy stories...the ones that inspire critical thinking and drive me to better myself in a myriad of ways. So you are now easily arguing that this guy was inspired by the Batman movies? You're quite right! Congrats. Hence, my point and why I don't like them. To me, the movies are wrong, bad, and poorly done. Yes,poorly done. It doesn't take much talent to reinvent a great comic book into a trilogy about utter sociopaths. That's basic human nature. Craziness is. That's why humans rule the earth instead of the apes. Because we used our brains as weapons instead of spears. We need to elevate ourselves above all that. But humans are devolving aren't they? What a nation I live in today.
On that note. How the hell did that guy get into the theatre will a gas mask, bullet proof vest, tear gas, guns, and ammo? A costume you say? Perhaps. We have a right to carry guns. Let's make it happen, America. Would he have done that if he knew more people in there were not just intended victims but had a chance of defending themselves and the people around them? Maybe not. But he was crazy, right? So maybe yes. I may not be a vigilante, but I want the chance to defend myself from the people who are not good, law-abiding citizens like me and the ones I love. I want a chance to put him down before he puts me down and save those around me in the process. Let me carry my gun! You want heroes, America? Stop trying to make it impossible then. 
Please excuse my poorly constructed argument, but I'm in class with my kids while they are taking a test and haven't had time to write out my thoughts clearly. I just needed to vent some anger.
Oh, and you didn't see people getting killed at the Amazing Spider-man opening did you? No, cause he stands for morals and responsibility to protect those he can. Spidey rocks. The end.