Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter 22: A month later...

I'm not writing tonight to talk deeply about some earth shattering thing I've learned. That's what I always wanted this blog to be about though. I wanted it to be something deep and profound every time I wrote. But you have to agree, that would get exhausting! Like a four hour action flick or something. And then there is something else about this blog. I'll admit right now that I got the idea to even start a blog after watching the "July/Julia" movie. I always hated the internet and all the new ways people had created for humans to pretend that they were interested in each other's lives. And for the record, I'm pretty sure Xanga was the first blog.
So I started this blog with this thought: I will write it while on my journey through life, publishing, college and anything else life throws my way and then it will be a memoir! How ridiculous of me. How could I think that I could sit down and write out my thoughts (which will happen more often now, and I'll explain in a moment) and expect them to be publishable material? That's so vane and so self-centered of me. I need to write this for other people. Yes, it is a place for me to talk about MY thoughts, but it is for other people to read. "I want to turn this into an autobiography" is also a stupid idea. I have not lived enough life to do that. This blog is life as it comes. so many times, though, I have wished that I could make it my autobiography. I want to write one because I think that I have something to tell the world. That's why I'm a writer. I have ideas and things to say, but to want to get stuff out now is silly. I am still learning. I know that man deals a fake thing called time and draws all conclusions from how much of that fake object you spent on earth, but life experience matters to me more. I know some people my age have had a lot more, or more correctly, different experiences than me, but does that qualify them to write out a bible of their lives? Perhaps I am being to harsh? I, personally, do not think so.
My favorite quote is this, "How vane it is to sit down and write, when you have not stood up to live"...This means more than how long you have been alive and what experiences you have had. Yes, it even means more than that. It means what have you learned from those trials, those times? Write those down, but DO NOT take that writing as the end-all of your work OR of your life lessons. You may go on to write something that completely contradicts that which you wrote in your earlier days.

Alright, I will get off my soap box now and say this: I will be writing on here more like a journal now. I will try to keep things polished and slightly edited but I prefer this writing to be in it's purest, yet readable, form. I can edit and I can proof-read, but not a lot of it will happen for this page. So, no longer will the posts be these once-in-a-while "deep" posts about "what I've learned". They will be about "my day" and the people in my life. I debated with the idea of mentioning my coworkers in this blog as I will no doubt say the things on here I desperately wish I could say to their faces. I will call them all my "missions" (a reference to one of my pastors sermons) and my work place the "field". Why, you ask? Because they are th missions that the All Father has put into my life on the field of battle. So that being said, I will see you all soon. Blessed journeys!

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