Friday, April 15, 2011

Chapter 23: Celestial Gift

I went for a walk this morning since I was feeling particularly stiff and fat, and got a wonderful gift from the All Father.
The morning had started out dull and normal. Which I cannot stand. I was not happy, but I was inches away from being bored to madness. I was also feeling like I was being lazy and not using my time wisely, which I also cannot stand. So I thought I should go for a walk. I grabbed Dorian (my iPod) and headed out into the wonderful, non-humid Texas air. I walked around one lake, through the park and on to the second lake. "Phantom of the Opera" was sweetly singing in my ears as I walked along.
POTO is something special to me. I've always loved it for many reasons, but there is one song in it that I dedicated to me and the Father during a dark time in my put it simply. That song is "All I Ask of You". Wonderful song with amazing lyrics. That is our song, but I have not thought of it or Us in a very long time.
I get to the second lake and the song comes on. I still do not notice. I am out in he beautiful weather that He created, listening to the song I dedicated to Us and I do nothing. I don't see or hear the wonder. Then, as I reach  the center of the bridge over the lake I see my special Celestial Gift. Two, perfectly white swans gliding on he lake, side by side like you would see in a Disney movie. I smile at them and think "How marvelous!" Then it hits me as the chorus of the song soars with new beauty in the shining morning sun. Without even hearing the music, the swans are gliding to it. Perfect rhythm and movements. I stop then and watch as He presents His gift to me.

I stared for what felt like hours, slowly following the swans around the lake, getting close then falling back. The two moved in unison with the song they could not hear until it was over, then they drifted out of sight, under the bridge where I first saw them. I was struck speechless.
I went home feeling a little more loved. I was told to try and romance the Father to get closer to Him recently. I want to do that, but I am human after all and I fail. I forget. I get too lazy. So He took the initiative and wooed me one more time. I love being wooed, but I need to do it for Him too.

Speaking of wooing, on a human scale, I found the key to my heart. I know how any man could woo me and win me over. It's like magic. I felt it happen and my heart nearly burst. I cannot tell you what it is, because then there would be no mystery! But let me say this, when you find the key to your heart, you know it. And you look for it. I am so happy I found it. The funny part about it, is that it has been a huge part of my life since before I can remember. Maybe that is why? I don't know. I just know there is something magical about the dance. The music. The story. The soul of it. I cannot wait to be wooed by a mortal man in this way.
I hope this has been a more happy post than usual. I need to write brighter poetry too, I was told. I'll try. Until then, blessings and safe journeys!

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  1. You are seeing the true blessing that he gives.