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Chapter 21: Dear Ephesus

Here I will post the first few journals of my travels with King David and Paul as he writes to the Ephesians. Soon I shall travel to Phillipi as well. God bless you and please do not judge a sinning gypsies writing. And yes, some things are missing but I did read it all. I will write about the skipped chapter in Ephesians later. It was so for a reason know only to the Creator. We'll see what happens.

I’ve been through Ephesians before…

Psalm 1 is tiny! It’s about how there are two ways to go. The way of the wicked and the way of a follower of Christ. Verse 1 mentions a “council of the wicked” and a “path” of sinners. I understand the council bit: don’t seek their council and don’t follow it. It’s crocked and bent. Not what you’re looking for. But I was curious about the “path” part. Fortunately, I have a study bible and can look in the margins for other meanings. It said “way”. So, do not stand in the way of sinners. In the way with them or in their way. As in “get out of my way” kind of thing. Maybe either way is bad or wrong.

The other option aside from the “seat of scoffers” is to “delight in the law of God”. This got me thinking. So many times we are told to delight in God among other things. I just never thought of delighting in His law as part of that. But if we do then we will be like strong trees; deep roots by streams of water (verse 3). Another thing about this tree is that it only bears fruit “in its season” and whatever it does prospers (verse 3). In it’s season…As opposed to all the time.

When I opened my bible to Ephesians, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had read it before…about 3 times by the look of it! Green, pink and blue highlighter and pen and pencil underlines, circles and stars decorate this book in my bible. I look forward to seeing what I already thought about it. Any way…

The first thing I highlighted was the phrase “by the will of God” when it is introducing Paul. He wrote to Ephesus and was who he was (if you know anything about Paul) “by the will of God” (verse 1).

Verse 5 tells me about how I was chosen by God to be his daughter. This reminded about many things I read in Captivating. I need to find all the versus where God claims me as His. I like that. And just after that in verse 6, Paul mentions my favorite thing: What man is here for. He says “to the praise of the glory of His grace”. I Love the word praise. Makes me want to dance and sing all day!

In the past times, I put a box around verse 7, which tells us about redemption. I love that too. Blood, forgiveness and redemption.

My heart was also captured by the end of verse 13, “you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise” (verse 13). God sealed me to Him, with Him, for Him. Finally, in verse 16, Paul tells the Ephesians that he prays for them and gives thanks for them because God has promised redemption. I don’t quite get this verse, but I’ll think on it. Lastly, when I last went through, I highlighted this, “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you may know what is the hope of His calling…” Amen!! This is my prayer, God! Please enlighten my eyes! Open them up and break the lock on my heart!


I’m not sure what chapter 2 is about in Ephesians. The later half talks about peace between Jews and gentiles. Apparently they fought a lot. But “Jews” I’m assuming is referring to the race…not that strange religious group today. I don’t know much about Judaism…maybe I should look it up. I think I heard that they believe in God and everything just not Jesus. Or something. I have no clue. But the best part of chapter 2 that spoke to me was the first verse and how it said that we (I) was dead because of the course of sin I walked in this world. That has been me recently. I’ve been dissing and missing God. I’m glad I started talking to Sonni again. She was a good jump-starter. Maybe I’ll have to read chapter 2 again later. Hmmm…

Psalm 2 is exciting! It starts out by asking what the heck is going on on earth. Why is everyone freaking out? People are “devising a vain thing”. I like how verse 5 says that God will scoff at the rulers of the nations and terrify them. I’d like to see that, Mr. President. Sarcasm and course joking aside, my heart lifted in verse 8 where not only are we (God’s children) promised the nations and the earth, but we are also promised “the ends of the earth”! All these movies and stories about beyond the earth and guess what? WE, the Children, get to inherit it!

I think the best part of chapter 2 is the ending in verse 12 “For His wrath may soon be kindled. How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!” Oh, yes…how very blessed. Do I want to be on God’s bad-side when that wrath is kindled? Um, no, thanks. So get ye out of the path of sinners and the seat of scoffers. “Take warning, O judges of the earth” (verse 10). And while they are taking warning I will be “Worship[ing] the Lord with reverence.

Help me do this, God. Turn my every dance, song and word to praise of you and ready me for this day. Amen.


This is crazy! I’ve been taking belly dance class for three weeks now from what I thought was “Del Espadin Flamenco & Spanish Dance Academy & Soraya's School of Belly Dance, 3939 Hillcroft, Suite 160” but it was really “5711 Hillcroft Ave., Ste. D3, Houston, TX”!

I was so confused when I emailed what I thought was my teacher (Soraya) and got an email back from her saying she wasn’t who I thought she was (I was asking my teacher for the music to the dance I need to learn)! So I started to wonder. Cause I’ve always wondered if belly dancing was not something God wanted me to do…but here’s the proof. I think any way.

So, driven to curiosity, I go to Soraya’s site and find the School of Dance address, put it into goolge maps and get the directions I’ve been following. Yes, they are what I’ve been following. I click on “street view” to see if it looks like the same place. No. It’s not. I start to freak out. What’s going on? HOW did I go to the WRONG studio and still get there when the class was to start (Soraya said her class was at 7pm on Tuesday). So I show up at 7pm on Tuesday. At the WRONG address (didn’t know it then) and sure enough (thinking I’m in the right place) there is a belly dance class at 7pm.

So now I’m thinking “God wanted me in THIS class”. I follow the directions to the WRONG place at the right time. Oh my gosh! Really!? So then I google maps search “The Houston Dance Factory” (the place I accidently went to) and on that street view, I see the place I’ve been going too. Different addresses. Same times though. When I went the first time I followed the directions and got SO lost…and found this place though.

God wants me in THIS class. I don’t know why. But I can wait and see. Maybe I’m wrong about the whole thing? I’ll ask Sonni what she thinks. But either way, I suddenly feel as though I’ve had a small sign. Like I’ve been asking for for…quite some time. I don’t care to write down how long I’ve asked God for a sign that He exists. And something so controversial as belly dance shows me. Something I love to do. Something I want to turn into worship for Him. And know what else? I KNOW I’m supposed to be doing this now. That feels pretty good. I’m not sure what to do. Crying sounds good though.

And do add on to this, my coworker from the books store, Wilma, and I got into a lab together at school (after some dropping and planning!). She decided she didn’t like the teacher and wanted to switch. I said sure. But we find out we can’t switch without dropping the lab, (classes have already started) only getting 70% of our money back and then enrolling again (paying full price). We can’t afford that. So she says to me “Oh well, we’re in THIS class for a reason…” Hmmm…..ok then! I seem to be in classes “for a reason”. I’m liking this. I feel like something is moving in my life. Finally. The one semester I choose to take off (still need to quit one job) some things start to fall into place. Thank you, God, for whatever you are doing! I can’t wait to see!


I have yet to read Ephesians to night, but it’s getting late. Very late. Today in church the pastor preached chapter 4, which I read along with chapter 3 tonight. I liked what he said. I underlined some verses, but I’ll explain this first.

Pastor explained what real peace was today. He said that while David wrote the 4th Psalm, he was being pursued by Absalom (if you know the story then you know why and how scary that must have been). But still David was able to sleep at night. He was scared of all these dudes coming after him, but he found peace. I need that peace right now, God. I am so angry at so many people right now…give me Your peace. Please.

This chapter in Ephesians was the “exceedingly, ubundantly” thing. But more than that, it was all summed up in verses 14-19. It said that the whole reason Paul was suffering as he wrote was to reach the gentiles so that way they could know of the love of God and simply OF God. So that way we can be who we are supposed to be as His children. I need to sleep now. I may read these again tomorrow. God, help me in EVERYTHING I do tomorrow according to your will. Amen.


“A prayer for guidance”…how I needed this.

So I imagine that David is still being pursued by Absalom. He is asking God to get them for all they’ve done. Starting in verse 4 he starts by saying that no evil dwells with God. From there he goes on to say what God does with offenders. They shall not stand with God, they are undone by their own means, God hates the evil, they are thrust out…the list goes on. I feel like asking God to do this sometimes…I want people to suffer like He said they would for being evil. I hate how people treat me and I want these things to happen. But then I’m just being like “I have God and you don’t so I don’t forgive you and He shall smite thee!” That’s no good…

So I need to look at the other part of this chapter! Amid all this running for his life and fearing his enemies, David takes time to praise God. “For to thee do I pray…” (vers 2). In verse 8 he asks God to lead him in the way of righteousness. Maybe that’s because of all those lovely things that happen to those who don’t…? I noticed something about the end of verse 8. David says, “Make Thy way straight before me”. Not “my way” as in where he’s going physically, but where God wants him to be. Physically and spiritually I imagine. That really stuck out. I need to pay more attention to what God wants me to do then what I have planned and where I want to go and asking Him to bless THAT road. I should walk God’s road…Verses 11 and 12 close the chapter nicely as David ends with saying how God is protection and how He shelters those who are on the right path. Thy path.

Ephesians 4 was a long one. But I think I get it. I had a lot highlighted from when I read it before. A lot to do with not lying, speaking mean words, cussing (get that from verse 29) and to not be deceitful (lying I have a problem with. Not huge lies, but what we humans call white lies…) and to not speak slander and to not live a life style that is immoral. It also puts emphasis on being kind to others (a good example is the closing of the chapter).

In the first part of the chapter though (verses 1-16) talk about how we all (all God’s children) need to work together for good and for His glory and in the way He wants us too. I need to sleep now…sick and tired. God, Help me be more honest. Let no words of slander or falsehoods come out of my mouth. Help me to love all around me and show them You whenever I can. Thank you for all the blessings you have heaped on my today. I love You and I ask these things of you as Your daughter, Amen.


Missed last night cause I watched a movie with Anna, which I thought was in order. She needs my attention too. So Psalm 6 is short too. I guess that King David didn’t have much time for writing while being on the run. But I think I like this one. I like anything in the Bible that starts out with the heading “A cry for mercy” or “a prayer for guidance”. Guess that’s the way I am!

So this Psalm had some great parts and some AMAZING poetry! Man, could David write or what?! But I’ll get to that. From verse 1, I was so into this chapter: “O Lord, do not rebuke me in Thine anger…” I had to stop and wonder “Does He?” I mean, you hear in other places in the bible where God is smiting the wicked (among other people) with “wrath” and “anger”. So…what about me?? Do I get God-anger rained down on me too?

In verse 2 there is a bit that might be a good verse to pray. A while back, Sonni and I talked about praying scripture. I think it’s a good idea. I don’t see the harm in it. Or the good, but oh well. It’s God’s word. If I pray it does that mean He sees me super trying to get into His word? Maybe.

Moving way on to verse 7 is where the down-right, amazing poetry really starts to show in Pslams. David says in verse 7, “My eye has wasted away with grief; it has become old because of my adversaries” (I just looked that word up and it means opponent and challenger. Good to know!). So just look at that poetry!! My eye has wasted away with grief! How horridly beautiful. Shakespeare must have read King David.

I’d like to leave off Psalm 6 with verse 9 as a prayer: “The Lord receives my prayers”…Hear my prayer, God, my prayers of repentance, joy, thankfulness and greed. Amen.

Ephesians 5…behind in it….

“The walk of the believer as God’s dear child”…one of my favorite things!

So there is some stuff in here about married life and all and I don’t want to go too in depth into that cause I don’t feel it’s the time too. I need to stay away from that for a while.

So verse 3 describes what saints ought to not let even be named among them: impurity, greed or any immorality. That’s a little hard core. We being human…HAVE NO EXCUSES! So now I have something to new to try. Yikes. This includes “silly talk” and “course jesting” (which I am famous for…) (verse 4).

Verse 6, above all, make me think of an anti-Christ among other things. “Let no one deceive you” and “the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience”. And verse 12 goes along with verse 3 in that it tells us that to even speak of these things is disgraceful. Easy enough…

I liked verse 16 and 17, of course, because it talks about how evil the days are, but also because I have a tendency to waste time. Big time. All I do is waste it. Then of course, I like verse 18 for more than one reason. Yes, Elise and I want to get drunk together some time, but I hate drunkerds… Like my ex. But Sonni says I can’t hold grudges! Any way…

So I’m not going to go into verses 22-29 except to say this about 29: “for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the Church, because we are member of His body.” Did you catch that? No one hates their own flesh. They love it. We are the Church—Christ’s body. He loves His flesh too. He loves US like He loves Himself. I know there are verses where it talks about how much God likes Himself and all. It’s a lot. He loves us as much as that. Wow.

The End of that. Next up is Phillipi. Come with me, if you dare, the path I travel is not led by me but by the Unseen One, my All Father.

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