Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter 20: Confession

My confession is this: I am not as innocent as I want to sound or as good. I have striven to be polite and well-mannered and that I am doing well on. But my fall is this: Ever since I my first “love” out of my life (you will remember that break up) I have ignored my Creator. I have not needed Him anymore and have shut Him out of my life. And now, now that I am lost, spinning out of control, have no idea who He is…I want Him back. I know nothing without Him. I am SO lost.
So now I will be reading through Ephesians and the Psalms every day. And to get myself to think about it, I will be writing about it here. And if not here, then on my facebook. I have to write to remember. I will, of course, be writing normally too, this just means you will hear from me more and see more of my God in the writing. I need this more than ever. However, I cannot get into too much detail now as I must go to work for a few hours. I’ll explain later, perhaps. Please pray for me, my brothers and sisters. I am a lost sheep searching for the path. So from here on starts a new episode in my life. Rather nice considering it’s my blog’s birthday week. One year and here I am at a new beginning. Not much has changed and yet so much has been lost.  Help me, God. Please.

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