Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chapter Seven: Is a New Path Ever Needed?

I have to wonder about my life right now. We’re still in the midst of moving to Texas and I am still going to school. Work is piling up with homework, observations (have to be done for my teaching class), scholarship duties, class, and work. Mostly it’s the observations that are scaring me the most. I can’t get a hold of my teachers to organize meetings so I’m falling behind in handing in homework, which is not ok with me. I need to email my teacher and tell her that. I hate being behind.
Life at home is fine. Mostly because I’m never at home. I’m school from sun up to sun down every day save Saturday and Sunday and those days go by too fast. At least this Friday I’m getting a small break (after all the work is done of course). Elhira and I are going to see the new “Alice” movie by Tim Burton. I know he will do a fabulous job on the movie. Some people say he ruins kids books like that (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) but really, if people had read those books, they would see that he actually does a very good job. Those books are disturbing…and awesome!!
So trying to maintain my lady-like behavior and my belly dancer grace in the midst of all of this is insane. I did my hair in tons of tiny braids and braided in yarn and various charms here and there to give myself a “tribal” look and feel. And it has done wonders for me. I feel better and prettier and like I have something to show the world. I also bought Almond oil and alovera (spelling!?) for my skin and already my thighs and buttocks feel better. I have the worlds nappiest bumps and what not on my fore arms and other said places and this skin treatment is so good. I recommend it. Just apply the oil and alo to the places you have thirsty skin and within a week or two (always after a shower!) you should see results. I put the oil in my hair sometimes too because I have dry poofy hair.
Alright, enough lady-talk! I just felt the need to update since I have not in the longest time and being a lady is a 24/hour chore. Thanks for reading. I promise to write far more interesting things later!!!

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