Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter 34: Danse Magique, danse!

Getting through is tough, but afterwards you feel great for a bit. I watched "Your Highness" with my sister on Halloween night to try and save myself. Worked, hu? But this is all behind me and I don't want to talk about it any more...

Started reading "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod" and I love it. Is it literary genius? No. Is it a good story with lovable characters? Yup!
Got a B on my most recent Psychology test. I was a 4.0 back in KC, but that's been slipping ever since moving to Texas. My theories are ringing true. Help, my IQ is dropping! The sad part is that that B was a step up. I'm not going to talk about my other grades any more though, it's too depressing. But because I did ok on my recent tests, I bough myself a Moorish scimitar to dance my solo with. It's a long way away, but will be here soon! I'm very excited to have it. Also, I got a lot of Rachel Brice DVDs to practice with when I have time (hahaha...) since I can't make it to class recently. Their really good in the yoga sections, which no other belly dancer seems to think is important to the dance. Duh...
Tokio Hotel won the MTV Music awards! My sister and I voted every day and it paid off for them. We were very happy.
So now I have tons of French homework to do and I should get to it before I run out of time. I have a test tomorrow and that means lots of freak out. I have my cell phone set up to sound an alarm every time it's time for me to switch to a new homeowork subject and that will be soon. I need to do. Been Frenching for more than an hour and feel like I haven't gotten anything done. TTYL!

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