Thursday, November 18, 2010

If Only to Hold

So here is a new post only a day or two after my last one. Unfortunately, it's nothing big. Just something I jotted down this afternoon and wanted to share. I wanted it to rhyme AND be really dramatic, but that wasn't working. So I just went with rhyming. I may write another one about the same thing and make it have more feeling and no rhymes so that way my point comes across. Either way, please enjoy!

"If Only to Hold"

Take a moment with me please and close your eyes…
Unbury your darker emotions and let them rise…
Bid farewell to all light and joy with a kiss…
Now imagine with me, if you can, only this:

You long for his touch, his gentle caress,
If only you burned for far less.
To have him touch you and smell your hair,
To give you his love and undying care.
You want his eyes to see only your heart,
This beating, living thing that is falling apart.
You are on fire, your mind is burning,
You are drowning, your soul is yearning.
A word from him to you would calm the storm,
Release your wounds, your heart would warm.
As the rain falls and skies blacken to gray,
What price would you pay to have him for a day?
Would you take him and set him away in glass,
Or would put him in a frame made of blunt brass?
I know you better than that, my sweet wounded one,
Take him and love him until you come undone,
Make him your world, you would,
If only…if only you could…
What you want of him is simple and small,
Yet you cannot bring yourself to ask at all.
You know not what he would say,
And yet you go on and delay!
I see it now, you’d rather die,
This heart is breaking, desiring to fly.
A treasure like this is too much to ask,
Go on now, put on that shiny mask,
Hide away, leave his presence and flee,
Blind yourself so you can no longer see.
But still you yearn and burn for his affection,
You will never forget his perfect complexion.
Never forget how he made you mourn,
In your heart he ever planted a thorn.
Please, listen well,
Do not succumb to this torture hell,
The desire will not leave you like a dove,
This could mean ‘tis True Love…

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