Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Poem

I wrote this about the man I love and do not wish to post it on something so public as my facebook. But I want it up and I want it read. Please enjoy it's melancholy lines.

Words written in red living ink never fade,
Never forgotten.
Feelings that creep in are paralyzing and dark,
They are fatal.
Sitting so far away and watching the live ones,
I see them move.
I wait and watch, too much time on my hands,
Mind going insane.
All I can do is lay down and wish that were me,
Living with others.
Seeing them glow and play I scream to go too,
But my place is here.
I cannot leave, must only watch, be the one
The gods cursed.
The worst torture is him, the one I love with fire,
He is free to live.
But he is mine, I want him all for myself and short nights,
Of sweet words.
He comes to my window and whispers in my ear,
But that is all.
No touch does he give, no caress of love does he offer,
He is there but gone.
With promises of love and rescue on his lips he goes,
Into the world.
By his side a woman I do not know, but no affection,
Still I have to wonder.
What happened to the promises of loyalty and love?
He has forgotten me.
I watch them go, he waved again at me telling with his eyes,
He will be back for me.
My foolish heart aches as I scream and wale at the moon,
Days passing in grief.
Then when the sun rises, I see him there on the hill,
He comes to me.
He says sweet words and give promises of love,
He loves not the other woman.
Again he leaves, only this time with his band of men,
And promises me love.
I wait again for days and nights, wringing my hands,
I want my love.
In the dark of the night and by the light of the moon,
He comes.
Words of love, vows of loyalty and once again,
He is gone.
Alas, foolish heart cannot let him go, hope stays,
In this heart and so I wait day, by day, by day.

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