Monday, January 25, 2010

Chapter One: A Lifestyle

The way you live and the culture in which you live is called a lifestyle. You can adopt that which you live in or create a new one that best suites you. When you live a certain place, say somewhere strange or tribal compared to what you may consider "normal", you can then become adapted to the ways of that place. This is a term known as "going native".
You most likely live in America. Notice the lack of you and your people "going native". Why is this? It was because of the lifestyle that was brought over from Europe that was considered more advanced. Europe had to cauterize and teach the natives. Because of that, a culture and a lifestyle and a people were nearly destroyed.
Of course, America wouldn't be where it is to day with it's beautifully enhanced learning and technology without the removal savage killing it had several hundred years ago. Of course then America had to fight it's mother country, gain freedom, then fight itself before it finally settled down.
This was the beginning of a lifestyle and a culture that many people now live in. Most sociologist believe that most of the world is adopting an "American" lifestyle. However, some prefer to live apart from that lifestyle. Consider it being "in America but not of it". Yes, that is a scripture reference.
So what about other lifestyles and philosophies? That is what this story is about. This is the story of "Mirella Aysu Asenoth"--a gypsy trying to find who she is in the world and trying to find her place and purpose in it. Sound familiar? It's probably your life you will be reading...

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